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Stainless Marine Products

Aquafabs skilled craftsman have years and years of experience in designing and manufacturing Stainless Marine Products & Equipment.

All our stainless steel marine products are manufactured from the highest quality marine grade stainless steel.


CNC Turning

Aquafabs Limited provide a quick and extremely efficient CNC turning service for companies large and small throughout the UK & Europe.

We combine a comprehensive range of CNC technology and machinery with a team of the very best experienced engineers.

Industrial Design

We start with drafts and an industrial design consultation. Taking into account technology and pricing factors our skilled team will work together to design to your exact specifications.


Our Company Philosophy

Throughout our years in business we have worked with a variety of companies on a range of products and solutions.We’ve had to keep ourselves at the forefront of our industry and keep up with changes in design, engineering and manufacturing technology. We have continued to invest in plant and equipment while committing to the on-going training and development of our staff.

Aquafabs believe satisfied clients enable our success. With this in mind, we client satisfaction is at the forefront of everything Aquafabs do. We also understand that integrity is paramount to each of our business relationships. This means we expect Aquafabs staff to put the client first, while being honest and reliable with each other, and others on a daily basis.

We are always thriving to provide our customers with innovative solutions. We continuously look to use our experience, skills, and problem-solving abilities to provide practical, yet creative and cost effective solutions.